Mittwoch, 30. März 2011

London purchases

Finally! I'm back!
I had such a good time in London, it was great! Although I had a little cold....
Well maybe it saved me from spending more money in clothes ;)
The following days I'll show you lots of pictures and of course all my new purchases! Wasn't as much as I expected but still I'm very happy with everything I bought ;)

The weather was great-lots of sunny days!!! Remember... I was visiting London! ;)
I'll post you some places you should definitely go to if you spend some time in the "coolest place"...
But honestly the people there are so relaxed when it comes to fashion! Everyone wears everything :) How they feel like they dress themselves-I loved that! Pretty eccentric without any fear of looking different. Different is being fashionable :) You can't tell the same about Germans...unfortunately!

Here are some of the new things I bought. Except the first bag, which I got at Camden market, you can buy all those things at Primark! I'll show you my new shoes and a vintage weekender I found on a market in a few days!
Looking forward to all my London posts ;)
xoxo esiul

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Catja - A fashion blogger hat gesagt…

I love the crochet vest! so nice