Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

Glitter everywhere

I'm in LOVE with these glitter brogues by Miu Miu! Aren't they just perfect? Imagine yourself wearing those shoes in summer....the sun reflecting in your shoes - sparkle everywhere!
Unfortunately I probably won't afford them this year (any year?!?)... they are $ 595 !
However there is hope for me because JC also has some pretty nice ones as well :) They look almost the same (the silver is not that bright....has a little of gold in it) and cost only $ 130! That's quite a difference isn't it?! Have to think about it :)
xoxo esiul

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Mia's Little Corner hat gesagt…

Ich LIEBE die Schuhe!!:D Sehen klasse aus!!!:D Genau mein Fall;)