Samstag, 23. Juli 2011

Pleated MAXIskirt

Actually I didn't want to buy ANYTHING! always....I failed!
But I don't regret it :) I love my new pleated maxiskirt by H&M. It was in SALE so I only paid 7 € !!! for it!
It doesn't look exactly like the one in my collage....but almost ^^ It's a little more transparent and to be correct it's not a maxiskirt but a pantskirt! But you can't tell that wearing it because it really looks like a skirt.
At home I ran into my closet and tried many outfits :) How to combine it???
Well that's what I chose looked best!
What do you think??? Too much black??? I wasn't sure if the all in all black look really works...but I did like it :)

xoxo esiul

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