Montag, 26. September 2011

Fur or Fake Fur ??!!

It's a very tricky issue: FUR!
I love the way it looks...So I thought I might buy myself a fake fur jacket for winter....BUT the material feels grose and after a while it looks pretty shabby....right?

So the other day I went to a flea market to look for some nice little things, nothing in particular....
And then there it was: A lovely lovely real fur jacket! It looked exactly like I imagined the perfect jacket to look..... I had to try it on!
You know how the story ended! I bought it! And I still like it....
But when I told my friend about my recent purchase she was absolutely shocked!!! How could I....!!!??!

Well I wanted you guys to tell me what you think about a vintage real fur jacket?
I mean....I do wear leather...and I do eat some meat from time to time....but somehow I feel bad that I bought it - although it's so pretty and will keep me warm in winter ^^

Please please let me know what you think!

xoxo esiul

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