Dienstag, 28. Juni 2011

Berlin Fashion Week

Also falls mich jemand...ganz, ganz ...zufällig,...eventuell einschleusen kann....
Hach wär das toll :)
xoxo esiul


Currently I'm totally obsessed with bracelets, especially cuffs! They are the perfect accessory for me :) I don't wear lot's of jewelry but I do like to add some bracelets from time to time. For I love my watch which you can see here, I prefer my cuffs and bracelets golden so I can combine them.
xoxo esiul

Samstag, 25. Juni 2011


Love these paintings!! Found them at I Love Wildfox
Which one do you like best??
Have a great weekend :*
xoxo esiul

Freitag, 24. Juni 2011

Versace for H&M

Versace for H&M .... I'm excited!
I think it'll be very glamourous and SEXY ;)
xoxo esiul

Mittwoch, 22. Juni 2011

Just A Matter Of TIME

Can't find the right words for this: OMG! - L.O.V.E - AMAZING - BEAUTIFUL
This is probably the best jewelry shoot I've every seen in my life!!
Numéro China June 2011 features time pieces like Chanel, Rolex, Dior, ... presented by Alina lensed by Charles Guo.
I'm still searching for the right words....Maybe everyone should decide on its own :) 
I LOVE IT ♥ xoxo esiul

Montag, 20. Juni 2011

Chanel, Prada, YSL, ...

Love these bags! Although it's on purpose I think it's pretty funny and cool that Karl Lagerfeld wears his bag as a statement :) 
What do you think??? Go with this bag trend?? I love it ♥ Especially because you can easily create one yourself!! The only thing you need is a plain bag and some fabric paint. So you can get your own Chanel, Prada, YSL for less than 5 € ;)
xoxo esiul


Amazing! Love this graphic effect: peeling of the paper ;)
Ali Lagarde by Manolo Campion for Tush Summer 2011
xoxo esiul

Samstag, 18. Juni 2011

Bye Bye Baby!

So ein doofer Tag!
Es regnet, ich habe Halsschmerzen, vier Stunden in der Unibibliothek verbracht um jetzt nach Hause zu kommen und.....mein Rad ist weg!!! Futsch, weg, nicht da!
Wer macht denn sowas??? Leuten ihr ANGESCHLOSSENES Rad zu klauen??? Am helllichten tage? Vor der Haustüre weg??? Mitten in der Innenstadt???
Ich fass es einfach nicht! Mein armes Rad :(
Nur Tonnenweise Spagetti und Wallnusseis können mich gerade ein bisschen aufmuntern....

Freitag, 17. Juni 2011

Donnerstag, 16. Juni 2011

Summer Girl

Almost forgot to show you these amazing pictures!!!
Sigrid Agren by Mariano Vivanco for Muse Summer 2011
xoxo esiul

Dienstag, 14. Juni 2011

Neon Blazer

Um Farbe kann man ja diesen Sommer keinen Umweg machen :)
Aber nicht jeder ist Fan bzw. beherrscht auch Colour-Blocking....was ich da nicht schon alles für Fashion Fauxpas gesehen hab.....eieiei!!!
Deswegen hier eine schöne Alternative die trotzdem viel Farbe und va. den Trend NEON ins Spiel bringt. Ein Blazer in knalligem Stoff, dazu noch ein paar heiße Heels, den Rest des Outfits simpel halten. Voilà!
xoxo esiul

You can't ignore color this summer :)
However not everyone's a big fan or can rock colour-blocking....I've seen lot's of worse combinations lately!
This is the reason why I thought I'll write about a lovely alternative: a colorful neon blazer with some nice heels, the rest of the outfit stays simple: Voilà!
xoxo esiul

Montag, 13. Juni 2011


Lovely shot: minimal, elegant beauty! Sexy AND sophisticated :)
Yulia Kharlapanova by Johan Sandberg for Marie Claire Italia June 2011
xoxo esiul