Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Out for Lunch

Hey lovebugs!
So sorry for the lack of posts...I was really busy with my exams and I also had to write a seminar paper :/
But for now I'm DONE and I'm sooo happy :)
Finally I have the time to meet my girls, go for a coffee, sleep and PARTYYYY!!!!
Haha just enjoy life again!

Cause I'm really into pastel colors I thought I'll do a collage on how I would combine them.
What do you think? It's classy and chic, I know.... but I like it ;)

Have a great day and meet someone you love ♥
xoxo esiul

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Mia's Little Corner hat gesagt…

Tolles Outfit! Ich bin ganz verrückt nach dem Pastell Trend!!:D


Mia's Little Corner