Montag, 23. April 2012

DIY Makeup Brush Cleanser

Hey guys!
As speaking of makeup I thought why not do a DIY post....its been a while ^^
Remember the DIY Body Scrub ? Check it out if you haven't already tried it once-it's really easy and works perfectly ;)
But for know what I wanted to show you today is how I clean my Makeup Brushes. It's really important to clean them once a week to remove old makeup, dirt, dead skin cells, bacteria, etc.
Cause my skin unfortunately isn't the best I have to do this regularly in order to prevent my skin from getting pimples.
The easiest and cheapest way is to mix up some olive oil with an equal amount of antibacterial soap in a bowl. Take the brush and swirl it so the soap and oil come together. Now you just rub it around in your hand until everything is covered. Do this with every makeup brush you want to clean. Afterwards you take the brush and swirl it around in your hand underneath the water until all soap comes out. Now it's important to give your brushes the right shape because you don't want the hairs to look messy.
This is how I clean my makeup brushes once a week-it works perfectly. Just give it a try ;)
xoxo esiul

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