Mittwoch, 9. Mai 2012

Maxi - Apricot

I think I have a new addiction: Online-Shopping ^^
I've done it 100 times but at the moment I order something new almost every week.... Is that still normal?
Well not for me :P But it's so much fun! You can sit at home, stay in bed and just click click click and all you're dreaming of is being delivered to your home. I love it :)
My newest purchase is by NEW LOOK and it's that fantastic apricot maxi skirt - 18 € (okayyyy.... 25 € with the delivery charge ^^) Do you like it?
I'm also craving for my studded bag which I ordered last week. But I have to be a little patient, it's been only a week!
Have a great day ♥
xoxo esiul

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